I’ve known Bernie for about seven or eight years now. We’ve worked for his business and Bernie also became my Insurance person for all my business needs.

The first thing I will say about Bernie is the honest approach with a respect for the fact that normal people don’t really speak insurance lingo. Bernie speaks in plain english that I can understand.

The next thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that when something has happened and the odd claim has been needed, Bernie has been on our side. He goes in as if he belongs to our company and not the insurance company who we have bought the policy off. In all my years of dealing with insurance, Bernie has made it clear and concise, been totally in our corner and had structures the insurance to fit our business rather than us just ticking a box.

Knowing Bernie personally for the last wight years or so has given me the advantage of getting to know him well. Bernie is one of those straight up guys. No smoke and no mirrors.

If you are going to have insurance, it may as well be with someone who is exceptional at what they do and who is also awesome to deal with.



Mark Whitecliffe, Managing Director at MSO Design and Art Production and Owner, MSO Design and Art Production January 19 2016

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