Cyber Q&A with Steve Dymond - Part 2

Cyber Q&A with Steve Dymond - Part 2

Following on from Steve Dymond's earlier tips last week, which you can find here, here’s some more quick-fire advice from Steve: 

Steve - what’s the one thing I can do right now to help my business’s cyber security?

If you don’t have two factor authentication switched on for everything that allows it, go do that right now. That’s probably the simplest thing small businesses can do quickly. That and make sure everything is patched to the latest versions – older versions of software (especially those running websites) become easy targets for hackers.

How can cyber insurance protect small businesses?

Cyber insurance is no different to any other form of insurance, in that it will protect you from considerable financial harm if the worst were to happen. Even with the best mitigation and cyber protections in place, every business is still a target (even buildings with sprinklers burn down…). 

Some insurers also offer some really good features with their policies where they provide full support and advice to help you stop the issue happening and get back on your feet as quickly as possible. Sometimes, when a business is hacked, it’s hard to even know where they got in, or how – insurers have experts they can call on to assist in a time of crisis which would otherwise be very expensive to procure on your own.

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