Home Insurance

What is Home Insurance? 

For most New Zealanders, the family home is one of our most prized possessions and the largest asset most people will ever own, so it’s worth protecting with the right insurance cover. 

Home insurance covers physical loss and/or damage to your house from events such as fire, lightning, explosion, destruction or damage caused by aerial devices, as well as weather-related loss such as storms, floods, cyclones, wind, hail and snow, and natural disaster events like earthquake and Tsunami. 

Why is Home Insurance Important?

There’s a multitude of reasons why buying home insurance is important. The primary reason is that home insurance provides financial protection if your house sustains loss and/or damage or destruction.  Insurance will cover the cost of repair or rebuild. Home insurance is often required by banks and lending institutions when taking out a mortgage. The insurance serves as security for the mortgage lender, protecting their financial interest in the property.  

What does Home Insurance Cover?

A comprehensive home insurance policy protects you against a number of insured risks, such as:

  • Fire 
  • Explosion
  • Flood, storm, lightening and other weather events 
  • Natural disasters such as Earthquake and Tsunami
  • Theft, Burglary, and Vandalism

Some of the key things to consider when taking out Home Insurance include:

  • What level of cover is being provided by the insurer? Are the sums insured adequate to cover a total loss?
  • What is the occupancy of the premises?

At Insurance Advisernet, we can source the market and provide an affordable home insurance package that will protect your most cherished asset. Talk to an authorised representative today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is home insurance in New Zealand?  

The cost of home insurance depends on multiple factors like type, size and age of the dwelling, construction, its features, location, occupancy and the extent of coverage required, and previous claims history. 

How do I know how much homeowner’s insurance I need?

When taking out a home insurance policy, you need to know the details of the home to ensure you have the right replacement value sum insured to rebuild your home in the event of loss, damage, or total destruction. There are several ways a replacement value sum insured can be calculated for your home. This can be provided by either a valuation from a registered valuer or by an estimate using specific industry calculators. It is important to have the right sum insured calculated to ensure you have adequate cover to rebuild or repair your home to the size and quality it was. The sum insured should factor in other costs such as materials, demolition, labour consents and fees that are required with rebuilding.   


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