Environmental Strategy

Insurance Advisernet plays an active role in helping to reduce our Carbon footprint. We assist this by having clear actions we can take now, these include:

  • If meetings cannot be held using electronic meeting apps, it is recommended that air travel is booked using carbon offsets.
  • Work with landlords or as premise owners, look to install energy-saving lighting such as LED light fittings.    
  • Encourage the use of laptops as they consume less electricity.
  • Encourage the use of green energy where possible and available.
  • Use our Broking software as it is designed to email all client documents, to discourage and limit use of printers.
  • Provide and use recycling facilities, including office waste, printer cartridges, paper and Nespresso pods.
  • All conference venues to have accredited recycling procedures to limit the environmental impact of these events.    
  • Actively have supported 4Ocean’s removal of plastic from the ocean and paper recycling.

Our strategy is designed to be more than just an aspiration in words, but be a strategy that has actions, that all members of the team can take to do their part. Collectively, we can make a difference and positively impact progress towards a net zero economy.

Our Latest Initiatives


We’re proud to support a nationwide movement that’s planting its mark on Aotearoa New Zealand.

Trees That Count is a charity bringing people together to plant millions more native trees for climate change, biodiversity, ecosystems and communities.

It connects businesses and people wanting to make a difference with native planting projects in need of funding. More than 1,500 projects have been supported with over 2 million native trees – and the number grows every day.

Trees are integral to our industry.

With rising sea levels and the increased frequency of severe weather events, erosion - particularly on our country’s coastlines - is a huge risk to communities and businesses. Planting trees in these areas help control erosion by binding the soil and protecting the ground. That means vulnerable areas are more likely to have a longer level of protection and insurers can continue to provide cover to them.

At our 2023 annual conference our brokers and insurers/partners generously pledged funding for the planting of 1,053 trees in coastal areas. It’s just a start, but a start, nonetheless.

If you’d like to sustain your involvement and enable some incredible restoration projects, which might just protect your communities, here’s how you and your clients can make a difference:


  • Donate a native tree for just $10 and support a community planting project.
  • Gift a native tree for any occasion. Your recipient will receive a gift certificate with your personal message via email, and Trees That Count will match the native tree with a planting project to plant and care for it.


  • Make a real difference for Aotearoa. Partner with Trees That Count to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss through impactful tree planting projects either by donation or gifting native trees to employees or clients. See the Trees That Count - Do good business page for more information.

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