About Insurance Advisernet

Insurance Advisernet represents a network of over 40 independent insurance brokers looking after 16,000 clients and employing over 170 staff nationwide. Our role is to provide our members with access to a platform of services that ensures they can provide their clients with leading insurance products, technology and policy wordings along with the collective buying power of both Insurance Advisernet and NZbrokers who we partnered with in 2016. Our focus is to provide key services to our members that reduce the administrative burden and assist them in ensuring they are compliant, so their focus can be on providing high quality risk advice that business owners can trust. Today we’re one of the largest and most respected General Insurance businesses in New Zealand.

Insurance Advisernet New Zealand was established in 2006 as a joint venture between Insurance Advisernet Australia and New Zealand investors. In 2010 Insurance Advisernet Australia took a majority shareholding in our business. This provided membership to the ASX-listed AUB Group, one of the top general insurance broking groups in Australasia. With more than $4.5 billion of gross premiums under management it gives us unrivalled buying power that now spans every major insurer in New Zealand and Australia, plus access to overseas insurers including Lloyd’s of London.

Through our partnership with NZbrokers (majority owned by AUB Group), we collectively look after over $500 million of client premiums and nearly 140,000 clients throughout New Zealand.

About Insurance Advisernet


Our Difference

We believe in delivering the very best advice, the most efficient systems and the right insurance solutions for our clients, all built upon four core business pillars…


Our Partners

The strength of Insurance Advisernet goes beyond the walls of our own business. It’s also about the quality partnerships we build and nurture every day, from the...


Our Team

Since first opening our doors in 1996 the success and growth of Insurance Advisernet has been built upon one thing more than any other: smart and experienced...


Our Benefits


  • Trust.

    Trust is the cornerstone on which our business is built. It means we do what we say we’ll do. Use our expertise to put your needs first and foremost. And are always transparent about the advice we provide and why we provide it.

  • Advice.

    Great advice is based on great understanding and relationships. It’s why adopting a risk management approach and assessing your unique risk profile is essential to ensuring the right polices are always in place. It’s what sets us apart.

  • Choice.

    Insurance is no time for compromise. It’s vital to have access to a wide range of insurance options so, once identified, your needs can be effectively met. That’s why we have active relationships with more than 100 major insurers.

  • Value.

    Price is always important. But value goes much further. It’s the sum total of the depth of our relationships, the quality of our advice, the breadth of our offering and the efficiency of our systems – all bolstered by our unrivalled buying power as the one of the leading general insurance advisory dealer groups. Ultimately though, our key value to you is as your advocate in the event of a claim.

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Insurance News

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    August 28 2017

    Just as world leaders have their trusted brokers, so do successful business owners. It’s an indispensable trio that typically includes your solicitor, accountant and insurance broker.

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    Insurance Advisernet , May 17 2017

    Planning for the future - embracing digital technology. Death, taxes and new technologies. Day-by-day, week-by-week and year-by-year new advancements, discoveries and products fundamentally change the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. And it’s not slowing down.

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  • When professional advice fails to deliver

    Insurance Advisernet , April 03 2017

    In modern business there are brokers for virtually anything, those whose knowledge and expertise outweighs all others. We pay these experts to analyse, predict and deliver information that, hopefully, further enhances our productivity and profit margins. But what happens when the advice fails to deliver or causes major problems for your business? Or if the advice you provide to another party isn’t well received?

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  • Understand the risk? Or count the cost?

    Insurance Advisernet , February 10 2016

    The importance of adequate flood cover.

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