The strength of Insurance Advisernet goes beyond the walls of our own business. It’s also about the quality partnerships we build and nurture every day, from the insurers we choose to work with, to our ongoing involvement with leading industry associations.


1. NZbrokers 

Majority owned by AUB Group, NZbrokers is New Zealand’s largest broking group with nearly 140,000 clients and over $500 million gross written premium. This provides Insurance Advisernet with access to a range of products and services that assist our Brokers to deliver even greater value and choice to their clients.

2. AUB Group (Austbrokers)

The ASX-listed AUB Group, formerly Austbrokers, is a 50% shareholder in Insurance Advisernet. They’re also the largest equity-based risk management, advice and solutions provider in Australasia with more than 450,000 clients and $4.5 billion in gross written premiums. Beyond the unrivalled financial strength this offers it also means every one of our representatives is a member of the Austbrokers network, bringing even greater choice and value to their clients. 

AUB Group


3. Insurers

Insurance Advisernet’s buying power spans major insurers in Australasia plus access to leading overseas insurers including Lloyd’s of London. Rather than focus on a small number of ‘favoured’ insurers like some broker networks, our continued independence has allowed us to spend many years forging relationships with the very best local and international insurance providers. The benefits of these relationships are seen every day by giving Insurance Advisernet clients outstanding choice, competitive pricing, best-in-class coverage and policy support services that are second to none.

"Insurance Advisernet is a valued partner of NZI. The group's network of independent brokers means customers can get both expert advice and a personal touch from their local broker."
Gary Taylor, Executive General Manager, NZI

Vero Logo
“Vero has built a strong partnership with Insurance Advisernet over the past decade. This partnership is founded on deep levels of trust and understanding coupled with a drive to ensure Kiwis, their families and their businesses are appropriately protected, regardless of the challenges they may face from an uncertain world.”
Chris Knell, EGM Distribution, Vero


“Insurance Advisernet is a highly respected player in the Australian Insurance Industry and we’re delighted to be able to help them help their clients.”
Pat Reagan, CEO (NZ & Aus Operations), QBE

“I am impressed by the insights and passion which Insurance Advisernet brokers bring to their clients. They ‘get’ insurance as well as anyone in New Zealand and will continue to flourish in the future with this approach.”
Andrew Beaton, Managing Director, Dual New Zealand

“Allianz has built a strong partnership with Insurance Advisernet over the past decade, based on deep levels of trust and understanding.”
Niran Peiris, Managing Director, Allianz


4. Premium Funding

For many clients and industries we understand the vital importance of preserving day-to-day cash flow. In such situations we can help you spread your insurance premium payments over time through an instalment arrangement, brokered via our relationships with reputable insurance premium funding companies. 

Just as your insurance policy is tailored to your needs, so is your premium funding arrangement. This allows you to match your insurance payments to your cash flow projections. Interest costs are also usually tax deductible. If you choose this option, the funding has no impact on your existing banking or credit facilities. Your insurance policy acts as security for the finance.


5. Industry Affiliations

As one of the leading General Insurance broking groups in New Zealand, Insurance Advisernet takes a deep and active role in the insurance industry through a variety of initiatives and affiliations.

IBANZ  (Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand Inc.)

IBANZ is the professional body representing the interests of fire and general insurance brokers, risk managers and consumers in New Zealand. It comprises more than 150 Member firms employing in excess of 2,500 staff across the country and is the voice of the industry, advising members, government, consumer groups and other stakeholders on key insurance issues. IBANZ also provides technical advice, guidance on regulation, business support and ongoing training and development programs.

Professional IQ College

Professional IQ College is a leading provider of quality professional training and on-going professional development (CPD) for brokers, advisers and support people working in the New Zealand Insurance and lending sectors. Professional IQ College provides the training that enables our brokers to perform at their absolute best.


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