DIY - Not always OK

DIY - Not always OK

Most Kiwis love a bit of DIY. 

Knowing you’ve done something yourself is a source of great pride, not to mention the money you sometimes save.

With the rise of online insurance, many people are now choosing to go down the DIY route instead of using the services of a broker.

Here’s the ‘but’ though. In the insurance world, going solo can often leave you being underinsured, or even worse - having no cover at all. 

With so many choices available, relying solely on your own knowledge to select the right option for your needs may not always work out the best for you

That's where an insurance broker comes in. They are qualified professional advisers who continually know the changing insurance landscape and can help you select the best insurer and policy for your needs.

A website, on the other hand, generally offers standard quotes based on your answers to a not-so-detailed questionnaire, at most leaving you to hope for the best. 

You surely deserve more than that! 

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