Cyber Security Alert: Voicemail Scam

Cyber Security Alert: Voicemail Scam

Kiwis are being warned to watch out for a new scam involving fake voicemail messages that are emailed to Microsoft Office 365 users and bypasses the usual protections. 

You may have received an email asking you to listen to a voice message. If you have opened this attachment and entered login details to the following page your account may have been compromised.

Insurance Advisernet cyber security expert Steve Dymond says this is a really interesting type of attack because it incorporates something quite ‘low-tech’ – i.e a voicemail - and for some reason this brings some sort of credibility to the email. 

“We’ve had users come to IT and ask if these emails are real or not, despite never having had a voicemail emailed to them in the past. A similar type of attack did the rounds recently where the email pretended to be a fax that was being emailed to the end user,’ he says. 

“Who would think something so low-tech like a fax could be dangerous? Hackers will prey on anything that seems believable, and only a few people have to fall for it in order for them to succeed.” 

Steve says vigilance is our best defence against this type of attack, backed up by well-configured security on your email account.

CERT NZ recommends that affected Microsoft 365 users take the following steps to secure their online accounts:  

  • Use a different password for each of your online accounts.
  • Make sure your passwords are long, strong and unique.
  • Keep your passwords safe. Try a password manager to store your passwords for you. 

Keep your data safe with a password manager

  • Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) on your online accounts where possible, this provides an extra layer security if your password is ever compromised.

Enable 2FA

  • Make sure any account recovery questions and answers don't use publicly available information. For example, don’t use your pet’s name or your hometown. Get creative with your responses in a way that is easy and memorable.

For more information, check out the full advisory from CERT.

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