Looking for a broker? What to put on your checklist.

Looking for a broker? What to put on your checklist.

Now, more than ever, buyers are relying on customer reviews before deciding on a product or a service. Insurance is no different. In a world where many decisions are made online, we took a look at what small businesses value in a broker.

We sat down with Kenex to talk about why they chose Insurance Advisernet broker Teru Time from Time Insurance.

What benefits does a broker bring your business?

While competitive pricing is important, there are other qualities too. Things like approachability, responsiveness, knowledge of our business and its needs and proactiveness around making suggestions for our policies so there are no unwelcome surprises. We also think it’s important to get help with decoding all the confusing insurance jargon.

So why did you select Time Insurance? 

It all came down to the personal relationship with the advisor. We chose Teru because he makes insurance easy – it’s important that our risks and liabilities are covered, but we also want to forget about insurance and get on with our business. Teru has taken the time to get to know our people and our industry so that he can provide relevant and current advice and assistance. He explains things clearly and built up our trust that he would do his best for our business. In our view, it was a no-brainer to continue working alongside him when he moved to establish Time Insurance.

At a time when businesses might choose their insurer online, why did you decide to use a broker? 

Teru is personable, approachable and enthusiastic about establishing connections not just selling insurance. We know that he will personally look after us if we need any insurance-related assistance or to make claims. By knowing that we’re in expert hands, but don’t need to spend too much time thinking about insurance.
It’s also great to stay local. We’ve been able to establish a relationship with Teru that feels more personal than being just another client with a big firm. He is happy to come to our office to catch up on what our business is up to, and this helps him to offer us the best solutions for our business.

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