The general insurance broking business of the future

The general insurance broking business of the future

The rise in financial complexity and consumerism creates the ideal environment for the general insurance broker to be elevated in their clients’ eyes to that of a seasoned professional, much like the way they view their lawyer, banker or accountant.

No one should claim complete confidence in predicting the future, but we feel that the broker that can integrate themselves with the client, understand the choices that need to be made and help the client to make them, has a strong foundation. This is a basis for business that stands up to scrutiny from a conduct perspective.

We don’t see it as a particularly price-sensitive model. We see it as a value-sensitive model.

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Written by Insurance Advisernet New Zealand

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SME Business Insurance Pack

SME Business Insurance Pack

Business Insurance is used by many businesses, but it’s best suited to SME-type operators.

The broking business of the future

June 16, 2020

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