Survey shows how SMEs benefit from brokers

Survey shows how SMEs benefit from brokers

While no one likes to think about claim time, it’s the point at which the idea of insurance becomes a reality – when risk assessment and cover are put to the test.

New research by Vero involving 900 small business owners and insurance decision makers across NZ shows that while claims outcomes are influenced by a number of factors, there is a strong connection between SMEs getting in-depth information about insurance options from brokers and having positive claims experiences. 

On the flip side, small businesses relying on buying their insurance policies direct had significantly higher levels of dissatisfaction come claim time.

69% of SMEs who reported being happy with their claims experience were also satisfied with their broker, compared with 51% of SMEs who weren’t happy with their claim. And 82% of businesses surveyed who reported a high claim outcome, also reported having a collaborative relationship with their broker.

What does all this mean? Brokers and advisers who provide expert advice and the right cover are more likely to have clients who have a positive claims experience. The key factor is ensuring brokers are working alongside business owners to find the insurance that best fits their needs, providing in-depth analysis and information on the options available, and educating them on what to expect during the claims process. 

If you’re a small business, here are our tips to ensure you’re getting the best from your broker:

  • are they taking the time to understand you, your assets, businesses and exposures when arranging their policies?
  • do they have access to broader policies than are available off the shelf to direct customers?
  • when a claim happens, do they explain the process and what can be expected?
  • do/will they actively advocate for you if there is an unexpected surprise at claims time

Remember – if a SME doesn’t have a broker and something goes wrong with a claim, they can only call on the courts, disputes tribunal or one of the independent dispute resolution services for help. Having the advice of a broker avoids the risk of that unnecessary stress, time and expense.  

To find out how a broker can help your small business, contact your local IANZ broker for a chat.

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