The New Ideal: Digital and Advice

The New Ideal: Digital and Advice

The new ideal: digital and advice 

Digital direct comes with risks, and so does personalised advice. Conduct issues clearly affect both channels.  

Although technology is a great ally in building effective financial services, the transparency and conduct issues remain just as important.  

The chart below explores the advantages and disadvantages of the dominant sales paradigms in the market of purchasing ‘Direct = no advice’ or ‘Personalised Advice = Broker/Adviser’. Each has strengths and weaknesses – so why not seek to combine the best of both worlds, by bringing the best of digital to full-service advice broking? 


Recognising that there is not a clear boundary between digital services and personalised broking services is also, we think, an important concept for understanding the future. To examine this, consider both the customer journey, and the operational delivery of advice. 

At Insurance Advisernet, we’re well positioned to assist you balance the two. For a confidential conversation about your insurance programme, contact an Insurance Advisernet Member Broker today.  

General Advice Warning

The information provided is to be regarded as general advice. Whilst we may have collected risk information, your personal objectives, needs or financial situations were not taken into account when preparing this information. We recommend that you consider the suitability of this general advice, in respect of your objectives, financial situation and needs before acting on it. You should obtain and consider the relevant product disclosure statement before making any decision to purchase this financial product.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

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