Business Insurance

Having adequate general insurance cover is one of the most fundamental parts of being in business, as it provides invaluable protection against a range of risk events – from equipment and assets to legal liability – reducing financial uncertainty and protecting your livelihood and that of your workforce. Insurance companies provide a wide variety of general business insurance policies so it’s essential to get the right one for your needs.

Insurance Advisernet Brokers are specialists when it comes business insurance. By making it their business to understand yours, they’ll ensure your policy includes everything you need – and nothing you don’t.

SME Business insurance 

An SME, or small to medium sized business requires a unique understanding and level of protection compared to small or large sized businesses. This is due to the business’ size, stage of business cycle, employee numbers and many other factors. 

Some industries that may fall into the SME category include butchers, salons, hotels or cafes. While each industry has its own unique challenges and risks, most SME’s all require standard levels of coverage across. While our SME insurance brokers are able to assess supplementary and unique risks that your business may face, we can also provide coverage for those risks that are present for all SMEs. 

Some of the most common SME business insurance covers include public liability, business interruption and worker’s compensation. 

Public liability products your business against monetary and legal claims should a member of the public injure themselves on your premises. Public liability will cover any medical or hospital costs that may incur as well as potential legal costs from claims made by the injured party. Business interruption is a form of income protection as most SMEs are run by a single individual, you. Should you fall ill or become unable to work, business interruption insurance will cover loss of income for a period of time. Not only is workers compensation a crucial SME business insurance cover but also it is legally mandatory. This cover will cover the medical or hospital costs should employees injure themselves or fall ill as a result of the worksite or their work tasks. Employees also legally forfeit their right to claims made against your business for injury. 

Insurance Advisernet has a wide range of SME insurance brokers that are uniquely knowledgeable to the risks posed to SMEs. For a consultation, contact Insurance Advisernet today. 

Small Business Insurance Broker

Whether you are starting out small or trying to stay small, your business needs protection, regardless of what stage of the business cycle is in. The beginning stages of a small business are some of the most crucial periods and as a result, it is important to start your small business off on the right foot with small business insurance. 

This doesn’t mean that long-standing small businesses can’t benefit from a consultation with a small business insurance broker either. Both new and old small businesses are eligible for the protection that small business insurance offers them, their families, their business and their income. 

Our insurance brokers understand that every business is unique, especially when it comes to large and small businesses. Therefore our small business insurance brokers specialise uniquely in small business insurance to provide our customers with the best service and in-depth consultation possible. 

Some of the most important types of cover for small business include public liability, workers compensation and property damage. Public liability insurance is particularly important for businesses that have a premises that is open to the public. Should a member of the public injure themselves at your public, their medical and hospital costs will be financially covered. Workers compensation is not only an important but legally required insurance cover that protects your business if an employee injures themselves or becomes ill at the worksite or due to their tasks. Property damage covers any costs that are incurred due to natural or malicious damage. 

For experienced and professional small insurance brokers, contact Insurance Advisernet today. 

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